☠️ Blog or Die ☠️

Blog or Die WordPress admin notice. Your blog has been disabled!

Do you have a blog but not the habit of posting? Do you intend to post frequently but then a week passes, two weeks, three weeks…? Is your poor blog neglected?

Are you the kind of person who won't blog unless there's a deadline?

Blog or Die provides that deadline. Like a bastard.

Fail to meet the deadline and Blog or Die will shut your blog down and parade your shame to the world:

A screenshot of Blog or Die's death screen

There is no other option. You need to install Blog or Die.



Blog or Die will disable your blog if you fail to post within a given period after your most recent post. That period can be anywhere from 1 day to 1 year.

Visitors will not be able to read your posts when your blog is disabled. Instead, they will see a black screen with either Blog or Die's default message in white text – I have failed to meet my own expectations and I should be ashamed of myself – or a message of your choosing.

Both the time period and message can be set in Blog or Die's settings panel.

Step by step

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